Safari Madness Online Slot Game Introduced to Players

Safari Madness is an online slot game and one of three slots by Net Entertainment that features nine independent reels set on a three reel by three row grid with eight pay lines that come with 8x multipliers. Each of the eight pay lines allows eight coins which activates the 8x multipliers.

The coins are set values of either 0.10 or 0.20 making the betting options ideal for casual players in America. All in all there are 64 winning possibilities. The pay lines run from left to right on all three rows, from the top positions down to the bottom and diagonally from the top and bottom left hand corners.

Game Features and How to Play

The Safari Madness reels can be spun manually by making use of the spin button or they can be spun automatically 10; 25; 50; 75; 100; 250; 750 or 1 000 times by using the auto play feature. Bets are placed individually using the bet button or the maximum amount can be placed with one click by clicking on the max bet button. This button will place the maximum amount and spin the reels automatically.

The Game’s Theme and Reel Symbols

Safari Madness brings an African theme to America where players are met with wild animals, off road motor vehicles and some traditional classic symbols. The slot game is a classic style slot that does not have the video animations and action features that are typical of the more modern type of video slot.

The classic style of Safari Madness is more focused on winning combinations and the larger pay outs that come with the multiplying symbols. The sound effects enhance the classic slot feel with sounds that are straight out of a land based slot machine. The themed symbols include a hippo; a crocodile; a giraffe; a lion; a bear; a tourist; the off road car and the standard triple, double and single bar symbols at eCheck casino Canada.

The Safari Madness Pay Tables

Safari Madness features two different pay tables which include the pay table that consists of the pay outs for regular winning symbols and the pay table that displays the pay outs of the special winning combinations.

The regular winning combination pay table consists of twelve different possible wins. These include one, two and three giraffes; any three of the bar symbols; three hippo symbols; three crocodiles; three off road vehicles; three lions; three single bars; three double bars; three triple bars and then three of the tourist symbols. Landing any of these symbols on any enabled pay line awards anything from 2x up to the maximum of 400x the pay line bet.

The special winning combination pay table consists of eighteen different possibilities. These include the entire grid covered in any animal symbols; any of the bar symbols; all hippos; all crocodiles; all off road vehicles; all lions; all single bars; all giraffe symbols; all double bars; all triple bars symbols and anything from two to nine of the tourist symbols. The tourist symbols are like scatters that pay out regardless of where they land. All the special winning combinations pay out anything from 15x to 3 000x the pay line bet.

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