Tribble Scratch Cards for Easy Online Play

After slots, America’s online casino fans tend to favor scratch card games most. They are simple to understand, cheap to bet on, and easy to play. With scratch card games like Tribble, online games developer NetEnt gives players the chance to win big prizes at low stakes, with a form of online game play that is a bit more interactive than slots.

In both types of games, the RTP percentage is generally higher then 92%, so players who pick affordable games and have the budget to stick with them for long periods of time are more likely to hit the big jackpots. The Auto Play function on many slots leaves the player little else to do but set the bet and watch the reels spin, but scratch card players can physically scratch for their wins, if that’s what they choose, in every game.

Simple Scratch Card Layout                                            

In the USA, the name Tribble is indelibly linked to the troublesome but cute aliens in the original Star Trek series, but NetEnt’s Tribble has no connection to the TV show, and there is no licensing link between the two. So players should not expect cute graphics or animations; in fact, the layout is quite utilitarian.

Tribble is played on a plain rectangular green-and-yellow scratch card, with the playing controls in the lower half and the upper section occupied by a 3X3 scratchable grid and a scratchable multiplier. Players can choose the tool that they scratch with via a button at the base of the card: from a bottle cap, a car key or a guitar plectrum.

Three of a Kind Wins

Once the player has bet 2 euros to purchase a card, they can use their scratch tool to remove the scratchable layers on the ticket. This will reveal a variety of cash amounts on the nine spaces on the grid: starting at 3 euros, and going all the way up to 150,000 euros, with 16 different prize values in between; all of them divisible by 3.

The tri in Tribble is a reference to the importance of 3s in the game: to win a prize, players need to find three matching amounts under the scratched layers. If they do, they win the amount on the matching spaces.

Multipliers can Increase Wins Tenfold

The player can scratch each space on the card individually, if they enjoy that level of interactivity, or reveal the whole card all at once using the Scratch All button at the bottom of the card. Apart from the 3X3 prize grid, the Tribble multiplier must also be revealed: this will apply a multiplier of between X1 and X10 to any wins shown on the grid.

Player Tools on the Ticket

Players can find everything they need to know about Tribble on the game interface. A button on the top right corner will take them to the Pay Table, which lays out the types of win possible, and the number of cards with those wins featured in a set.

There are 190,000 cards in a set of 1,000,000 that have 3-euro prizes, for example, and 100,000 cards worth 6 euros, but only 1 card displaying a 150,000-euro match. The question mark icon at the bottom right will take the player to the game settings, where they can adjust the volume, view their game history, etc.